Thursday, March 17, 2005

OK, OK, a blog already...

So I decided to infesticate the blogsphere.

A few years ago my younger friend Kris turned me on to raw HTML, with which I kept a page that's still at That was before blogs.

Oops... got to edit that link: My old pre-blog site.

Then a while later my boss bought me Microsoft FrontPage to use at work, so I bought FrontPage for myself and used it to say my piece. That was before I'd ever heard of a blog. Maybe they didn't exist back then (depending on your definition of a blog).

Then I heard of blogging. By then, though, I'd learned that nobody gives damn what I think. But I was reading some blogs, like Eugene Volokh's "The Volokh Conspiracy," where a bunch of really bright lawyuhs post mostly intelligent stuff. Thanks to my friend Ken for that tip.

In the meantime, the awesome Google came out with some more awesome stuff. When I saw that Google was offering Blogger for the masses, I figured it might be pretty awesome, too. So here I am, checking it out. I don't know if it's awesome yet. Maybe Google's raised my standards. So far Blogger meets expectations (which is what I expected from Google - it Just Works so far).

So, why start blogging now?

Why not? I'm prompted now by Eugene Volokh's having surprised me with his stance on torturous execution. It could have been any of a number of things, but the good Prof caught my attention this morning.

I see there's a control down at the bottom of the page to allow comments or not. Please feel free. I always stand for correction.

How's that for a first blog post, eh? On to the next.

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