Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Charade

Easter Charade - There's no resurrecting Terri Schiavo. By Christopher Hitchens

Finally! Maybe there's hope after all.

... united in eternal bliss with the man-child Elián González.
... vortex of irrationality and nastiness that generates its own energy.
...(unwise to burst in) but only because it might set a precedent for the rescue of living people on Death Row.
... arrogantly ventriloquized by clerical demagogues and self-appointed witch doctors
... The end of the brain, or the replacement of the brain by a liquefied and shrunken void, is ... if not the absolute end of "life," the unarguable conclusion of human life.
(My emphatic emphasis.)
... hysteria from the morbid and the superstitious. It is an abuse of our courts and our Constitution to have judges and congressmen and governors bullied by those who believe in resurrection but not in physical death.
... {Religious fanatics} have gone too far, and they should be made to regret it most bitterly.

Hear! Hear!

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