Saturday, March 19, 2005

Mirror of Justice: Volokh on Pain, Punishment, and Vengeance

Mirror of Justice: Volokh on Pain, Punishment, and Vengeance

The notion of "inherent human dignity" (third paragraph of the linked post, and other posts there) is foreign to me. It is derived from the poster's faith, which I do not share.

Most people in the US (something like 95%, apparently) claim to believe in God. This is not surprising since humans are apparently hard-wired for belief. We are hard wired for faith due to the selective advantage that the capacity for unwarranted belief confered upon the human species and the human individual in the evolutionary scheme of things.

Dignity is evident in many humans, including all of those I have read on this topic, but the inherent nature of dignity in all human beings is a fantasy dogma related to the illusion of a soul. This illusion is of the mind, itself in turn an emergent property of a complex human brain.

There is nothing inherent about human dignity. Some human life is worthless. John Evander Couey, for example. I wonder if little Jessica Lunsford's father would want to torturously execute this son of a bitch. I hope not, but I'd certainly understand if so.

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