Sunday, October 24, 2010

When the law is an ass you treat it accordingly.

"When the law is an ass you treat it accordingly."

That's a meme I've been carrying around since at least July 2007, and almost certainly for some time before that. July 2007 is just the date of a blog post comment in which I used it.

As I type, if I Google that sentence the blog comment I mentioned is the only hit.

Same result on Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and 100SEARCHENGINES.

I guess the meme is mine. There must be a million ways to express the idea that asinine laws are to be ignored, but I searched out pithy expressions similar to mine (well, I think it's pithy) and found none.

The only reason I care about claiming ownership, copyright or whatever one can claim with respect to a meme, is because my son told me about an outfit that sells t-shirts with provocative or offensive themes, and they accept submissions which, if accepted, net you a couple of t-shirts. Something like that. It might have been Road Kill T-Shirts, where these two and a few others caught my eye and made me smile:

  • Beautiful girl wears a t-shirt that says,
    With a shirt this AWESOME who needs pants?

  • Marked as outsourced so it must be popular:
    Spooning may lead to forking.

But hey, why not check out one of the print-on-demand services like CafePress, Printfection or Spreadshirt?

I've been aware of CafePress for a while, but only learned about the latter two as a result of checking out the former. There must be others, or better ideas entirely.

What to do? Could I supplement my upcoming retirement income by dreaming up stuff to sell via these services? Should I just pick one and give it a shot? Which one?

Maybe I should just ask someone I know, whose worthy cause I support, if he wants this meme for his CafePress shop.

I don't know. I'll have to do some research and think about this some more, obviously, but in the meantime I claim this as mine:

"When the law is an ass you treat it accordingly."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Should Be Legalized" Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Parody by Steve Berke

I really like this video, and not just for its political message. I did not like the Eminem video it parodies, probably just because I'm getting old now.

As for the political message, it won't stir the powers that be, unfortunately, but who knows. Maybe if the video helps to get out the vote in California they can actually pass Proposition 19. Prop 19 is flawed, like any such, but its catalytic effect can only be good for the country if it helps to end the very deep corruption that underlies our national drugs policy.