Monday, March 21, 2005

Blog shmog

OK, I've been playing with this blog for a few days now. It's been pretty interesting. I've formed a picture of the global brain in action. There are connected neurons like Volokh and Dooce. From what I've seen, Volokh is brilliant and Dooce is in a different category that did not attract my attention. Then there are blogs like The Angry Atheist that reflect high intelligence but are apparently not highly connected. Then there are the millions of little blogs like mine. In the aggregate they (millions of blogs) seem to model a crude brain of sorts. Maybe there is a Global Brain.

It's been interesting, but I don't think it something I give that much of a shit about. I already know that nobody give a damn what I think, secular bad person that I am. On top of that, I'm not that smart, or that energized or interested.

Fact of the matter is, I think the odds of a civilization-endangering meteor striking the earth, in the form of humanity bumping up against the walls of its petri dish, are very high. I am pretty damned sure there not a thing anyone can do in the face of dieoff, so why try? Trying is not why I did this blog, though. I just thought I'd check out the blogsphere. Now I have, and now I think I'm done.

Or maybe I'm just tired. Tired of politicians milking Shiavo. Tired of religious delusion driving events and humanity toward its limits. Tired of the stupidity of moral legislators, anti-death-penatly activists, anti-nuclear-activists, anti-war activits, activists in general.

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