Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Striking Image

I took this picture at work yesterday.

Did you happen to notice a ghostly image in front of the rightmost tree? Here's another view of it.

And another.

National Geographic (I think) recently had a program on the television about the effects of the sudden disappearance of all humans from the planet. One of the effects of this rapture was that bird mortality from crashing into humanity's back-lit or reflective windows would go down.

Unless someone picked up the carcass before I happened along, this poor bird survived, but I don't know how. From the position of the wings I'd guess it was in full-powered flight when it crashed. If you click on the first image for a bigger view, and look closely at the wings, you can actually see the outlines of the leading-edge feathers as they bent forward against the glass on impact.

Poor bird.

As for the pictures, "Not too bad for a Blackberry," I thought. I'm looking forward to the day when these things have real, optical zoom features, rather than just cropping, enlarging and sacrificing the resolution of the un-zoomed image. Reduced resolution of the two lower pictures is obvious, making the zoom feature pretty worthless, but hey...

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