Friday, March 28, 2008


"Fitna" was released yesterday. It's pretty much what I expected it would be, and it accomplishes its aim of provocation.

The "Fitna" link that follows no longer works. Instead, you are shown a statement of why the provider removed removed "Fitna": credible threats against their staff. Well, more power to them for getting it out there in the first place.

There are links to several versions of "Fitna"

In the meantime, Network Solutions is still "investigating" whether the domain Wilders registered through them is in violation of their terms.

End update.

Since embedded videos don't always work well, here's a link:

As a film, though, "Fitna" can't hold a candle to "Submission".


This version of "Submission" is labeled as Part I. There is another one labeled as Part II, but it's just a repeat of the end of Part I. I downloaded a supposedly complete version of "Submission" a long time ago, so I'll have to find it and watch it again because it seems to me that this Part I Part II business is incomplete.

UPDATE: I found the AVI of "Submission" that I downloaded a long time ago. I was mistaken about the version linked above being truncated. It's the same as the long-ago download. Sorry about that.

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