Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Beware the Curse of YouTube's Hideous Archive

Lore Sjöberg's Alt Text: Beware the Curse of YouTube's Hideous Archive

Here's a little lightness that made me smile. I think I know what he means.

I've got a dozen or so videos I've bought from iTunes over the past couple of years. Madonna's La Isla Bonita happens to be one of them. For some reason I like it.
"Warm wind carried on the sea / He called to me, te dijo te amo."

The climatology is unexpectedly sound here, but the translation is iffy. As far as I can make out, it literally means, "He called to me, 'He told you I love you.'" So some guy is calling out to Madonna that some other guy told Madonna that he, the first guy, the guy who's talking to Madonna right now, loves Madonna. Apparently conversation in San Pedro is very roundabout. I guess that's why they don't call it "La Isla de Comunicación Clara."
I always figured it was just a case of a non-Spanish-speaker making a mistake in the pronunciation of the word digo, in which the g would be like golf not like hole. Clearly she sings the word with the latter, incorrect pronunciation. Or maybe there's something I don't grasp, along the lines of Lore Sjöberg's other observations.

Naa... I think it was supposed to be "te digo te amo" (I tell you I love you).

I still like the song. In fact, it's part of the reason I want a new computer. A while back Apple released a new version of iTunes, and the hardware requirements were a bit more than my old computer can match. I can't watch my videos any more. They look much better with iTunes than on YouTube (before YouTube took them down, that is).

Maybe, rather than a gun, I'll get a new computer with my economic stimulus windfall. Except that the gun I'd buy is made here in this country, making it the more appropriate purchase, right?

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