Saturday, August 12, 2006


New museum exhibit tackles drugs | Chicago Tribune:
"There is also a slide show of photos of people whose deaths are linked to drugs in some way.

Among them is Jay Balchunas, a Wisconsin Department of Justice investigator who was killed in 2004 in a gas station robbery while on his way to a drug investigation."

If he'd died of an aneurism on his way to a drug investigation it would be equally relevant. I'm sorry the guy died, but come on, what bullshit. Par for the theme I suppose.


jj mollo said...

If the drugs had been legal, maybe the robber would have been getting his supply from a registered, licenced source at tolerable prices. It might be that he wouldn't have had to rob a gas station, and the agent would still be alive. Though, I guess he wouldn't have been an agent since we wouldn't need any narcs, so he would still be alive anyway. So maybe he'd be a drug counselor instead.

There is the slim possibility that the robber was not a druggie, and the agent would have been on his way to do some drug counseling, but the robber wouldn't have a gun, because if we were smart enough to legalize drugs, maybe we would have a sensible system in place to control gun distribution in order to keep them out of the hands of felons. Oh well. Maybe he would have died of an aneurism anyway.

What do you think the cops would do if we were to picket the place and pass out anti-prohibition leaflets? Hip Hip for Hemp!

Steve said...

Well, I sent Pete Guither some money to help pay for flyers (high and low res versions here).

Here's his account of the experience so far. He's not picketing the museum, which he admires, but he would like better access to people coming and going.

As for what the agent could have been doing absent a drug war mission, I'm sure he could have found employment satisfying his enforcement bent in the fields of environmental regulation, corporate governance, border control, or putting teeth in existing gun laws.

Oh, well...