Sunday, August 27, 2006


When someone uses the term "femi-nazi" to refer to women of a political persuasion different from their own, it immediately tells me that I am probably not the slightest bit interested in that person's opinions on anything.

The sort of conservatism characterized by the use of "femi-nazi" is a controlling conservatism whose adherents seem usually to proclaim the grip of myth, who project excessive self-assurance and contempt for contrary worldviews.

I don't like that shit, dittohead.

Mainstreaming Irresponsibility: The "Plan B" Pill by Steve Bowers

"Planned Parenthood" is liberal-speak for abortion mill, ...
No, it's not. Less than 10% of Planned Parenthood clients receive abortions. Planned Parenthood does not shy away from referring clients to adoption agencies. Planned Parenthood prevents abortions by providing contraception information and services.

At least this guy didn't use the detestable term, "abortion business".

A couple of questions for Gandy and the other members of the anti-responsibility, free love crowd: How is taking massive doses of a drug designed to prevent and abort pregnancy healthy for your reproductive system?
What's that got to do with anything? The reason to take Plan B is to prevent pregnancy (a dangerous condition in itself). Plan B is not a vitamin pill.

If she can get past that one perhaps she can answer this one: Why do folks like Gandy think that it is perfectly okay for 13-year-olds to be having sex and taking pills designed to prevent the natural consequences of sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents?
Who thinks it's OK for 13-year-olds to be having sex? That's a canard. As for knowledge and consent of parents, it's unfortunate that not all parents conform to the ideal which might have avoided things getting to this point in the first place, and sometimes a parent is simply not around when needed. Sometimes, too, unfortunately, a parent's influence is precisely the last thing a minor needs.

Finally, how is taking a pill AFTER having sex to prevent the natural consequence of sex "contraception" and not just a total lack of personal responsiblity for your actions? Forget about actually having to THINK about what you are doing BEFORE you do it.
Well, because prevention of pregnancy is contraception by definition. As for the lack of responsibility that he seems to think is the only reason one might need Plan B, hey, people are people. We don't always act responsibly. Get over it and try to reduce harm.

Just take a pill that screws with your reproductive cycle AFTER irresponsible sex and everything's cool.
That is a worrisome point. Molly dealt with it pretty well, I thought, in her post, "Too little, too soon". I agree with Molly that the answer is not in taking Plan B off the shelves. The answer lies in education, which, if parents were always as competent as this author seems to assume, might not be as much of an issue.

And this is what it's ultimately all about: Free sex for all "women" without consequences. If it happens to result in the death of a potential human being that's okay. "Plan B" is just another part of the abortionists holy sacrament that the FDA, with the full knowledge and support of the Bush Administration, just whole-heartedly endorsed.
"Abortionist's holy sacrament"?


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jj mollo said...

Did you notice that he "lives with his loving blended family"? Now, what might that be? My suspicion is that he and his wife have been divorced, as many have in the conservative red states. No doubt he is blameless in his own eyes, and perhaps he is, but does it not seem hypocritical to abuse, from this perspective, the imperfect lives of others? It's never been about free love. It's always been about responsibility, and part of that responsibility is acknowledging the fact that humans are fallible and that their children need not suffer the consequences of that fallibility -- at least not in a rational world.