Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ironwolf - The Power of Nightmares

Ironwolf - The Power of Nightmares

Ironwolf links to a BBC series I'd missed, and includes links to the Google videos. If you prefer, you can download a DVD image (or the individual pieces) from

The comment I left Ironwolf is
Good tip. Thanks. I downloaded the DVD image from, burned it and watched it earlier today. BBC is one of my top news sources but somehow I missed it.

I can’t quarrel with the series too much (not that I’m particularly well qualified to do so anyway). It’s consistent with what I think has gone on and is going on, though I do think they’re a little cavalier toward the end. I gather they updated the series after the London bombings, but the update wasn’t on the DVD image.

That the islamists seem driven by myth while the neocons are just pragmatic about it would lead me to side with (if I had to choose and while holding my nose) the latter. Unfortunately, I don’t have much hope for a return to the days the producers point out were led by people chosen for their vision rather than their nightmare.
Good series. Check it out.

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