Sunday, May 11, 2008

Murdered boy 'turned down fight'

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Murdered boy 'turned down fight':
She said she had no anger for his killer.
I suppose that's admirable. The poor lady sounds like a good person and a good parent. The loss of her son this way was... What can I say?

She said: "I feel for the parents of this boy."
I suppose that's admirable, too, but a bit hasty. Some parents may be completely innocent of the misdeeds of their offspring, but some of them are guilty of irresponsible, uncaring, negligent child rearing. Some worse than that. Some parents are guilty as sin.

Leaving aside the details of this particular case, the thing that frustrates me is the inability of societies to rid themselves of members whose characteristics, by being tolerated, lead to this sort of thing. If we were smarter, we'd be able to act decisively on proven facts about people, such as that they are violent predators by their nature, as conclusively demonstrated by their repeated acts.

But no.

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