Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bio Hunger?

It's not the ethanol that should be coupled with world hunger, Glenn.

Corn ethanol is a bad idea, sure, but world hunger has much more to do with TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!

Humanity has not devised a means of dealing with overpopulation because we are apparently incapable of doing so (or even of recognizing the problem). This means, unfortunately, that our population is just like that of any other species: subject to control by external forces.

If it is true that electronic and biophysical sciences and technology are accelerating and melding to evolve greatly enhanced human intelligence soon, I can't escape the thought of the first batch of suddenly-smarter ones arranging to reduce our numbers to whatever is sustainable. Maybe they'll be smart enough to figure out how to do this more gracefully than by simply killing off the excess.

If human numbers aren't somehow reduced along these lines, I also can't escape the image of some thin, global layer in future geological strata marking the boundary between pre- and post-human eras, but absent any possible explanation such as the Chicxulub impact crater.

In the meantime, Obama for President!

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