Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brownback Internet Radio Equality amendment

Webcasting, which has become virtually the only way I gain exposure to new and different music, is in danger of going away because the music industry wants double the royalties they negotiated with satellite radio. []

I mostly listen to Pandora, so, for what it's worth, I sent this message to my Senator, Jon Kyle, who sits on the Judiciary Committee.
Dear Senator Kyle,

As a somewhat hearing-impaired person, I find that virtually the only time I am able to enjoy music is if I am in a quiet location and wearing headphones. I am able to enjoy music best if I am sitting at my computer.

I have come to appreciate music webcasting as a good source of exposure to new and different music and, contrary to over-the-air radio, a means of identifying and sometimes handily purchasing music new to me.

I understand that music webcasting's existence is threatened by unequal treatment at the hands of the recording industry vis-a-vis other music transmission services such as satellite radio, and that Senator Brownback's amendment is intended to rectify this situation.

Please lend your support to the Brownback Internet Radio Equality amendment. Thank you.


To the music industry: I am FAR more likely to purchase new music if I'm exposed to it than if not. It is in the interests of musicians and the music industry for me to continue to listen to Pandora. Deal in good faith.

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