Monday, February 05, 2007

Ice Halo Pics

Here are the ice halo pictures I took in Minneapolis last Friday. I should have tried for a shot including the sun, but I was in a hurry.

The shot below was taken through a tinted third floor window a little while after the one above.

Pretty day. I started to write something about wishing I could have spent it outside instead of in a classroom, but then I remembered how cold it was. I think it was around 6 degrees at the time. Later on it warmed up a bit, to the mid-teens or so, but there was enough wind to make flags unfurl completely. Going to and from the car was more than enough outside time for me.


jj mollo said...

It's not much warmer here. No bicyle today. I used my gym membership for the first time this year. I did see some crazies on bikes on my way over, though. I guess I'm losing my edge.

jj mollo said...

These ice halos are spooky. They don't show up too often in Pennsylvania.

That second picture is clearly not an ice halo. It's a picture of ET landing just as the Mother Ship prepares for take-off. You can see his features in the lower bubble if you squint and pull on your left ear.

Steve said...

How true. I hadn't noticed that before. You can actually see the same creature peeking through the tree in the top picture. Amazing. Simply amazing.