Sunday, February 25, 2007

Four Innocents Murdered in Mistaken Drug Hit


Well, well, well... The four killer policemen have been killed.


Or so the story goes went.

Three El Salvadoran delegates to the Central American Congress were traveling by car in neighboring Guatemala (to or from some official function), with a driver. They were ambushed and all four were killed.

Now four Guatemalan police officers have been arrested for the crime. They were supposed to be off investigating theft from cargo containers, but instead, the GPS tracking device in their vehicle placed them at the scene of the crime at the time of the crime.

Guatemalan authorities have implicated at least one Salvadoran in the crime. This Salvadoran apparently had phone conversations with the chief of an organized crime police unit, and with one of the arrested officers, before, during and after the crime. Now, according to the Guatemalan paper, Prensa Libre:
Los policías capturados comentaron que fueron contratados para cometer el crimen por un grupo de narcotraficantes de Jalpatagua, Jutiapa, que tiene nexos con una organización en El Salvador.
The captured policemen said they were contracted to commit the crime by a group of drug traffickers from Jalpatagua, [a city in the department (state) of Jutiapa, Guatemala] which has ties with an organization in El Salvador.

When I read crap like this it causes my contempt for United States drug policy and the War on Some Drugs to surface for a while. Stupid stupid stupid! We breed corruption, finance terror, diminish our own supposedly precious freedoms, waste some $60 billion (with a "b") yearly, and foster disrespect and hatred with our idiotic policies. And for what?

The thing is, for all I know (and it's not too outlandish a possibility) it was a "legitimate" hit. As in, the delegates to the Central American Congress "deserved" to be hit by a rival syndicate.


How can we be so dumb? Or is it that our corrupt are good at keeping us that way?

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