Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CS Monitor: The war on SOME drugs: Ambushed in Jamundi

The war on drugs: Ambushed in Jamundi | csmonitor.com
"Three thousand Americans a year die from Colombian drugs," says US Ambassador to Colombia William Wood. "That's like suffering a World Trade Towers attack every year."
No, it's not!

Mr. Ambassador, you cannot be as completely stupid a man as one who would believe that bullshit. Come on!

There is no similarity, none at all, between 3000 or so innocents killed in a major act of terrorism, and the similar number of people you claim, who die essentially at their own hand.

Plan Colombia has cost the US $4.7 billion, of which 75-80 percent has gone to the security forces.


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jj mollo said...

Not to mention the fact that fewer would be dying if the product was as regulated and standardized as aspirin.