Monday, July 24, 2006

What a bunch of bullshit

Target America

This fills me with revulsion.

DEA, WTC, Osama, ...


What naked propaganda. What bullshit.

More power to Pete Guither.

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jj mollo said...

You are so right! Catering to such destructive stupidity ought to be a crime. This is proof that religion is not the only thing that can lead to blindness of the obvious. There are, to be sure, intelligent people who take the prohibitionist position, but I think the appropriate analogy is to those people whose livelihoods depend on tobacco companies. They don't know better because they don't want to know better.

To be fair, they are telling something of the truth. Drugs do have bad effects, and drugs are indeed associated with terrorism -- narco-terrorism anyway. But their propaganda is badly biased. The fact is the money does far more damage than the drugs themselves. If we legalized it, monitored it, controlled it, drug use would be much less destructive. Just like alcohol. To me, it's just mind-boggling that we didn't learn our lesson from Prohibition.

According to Scientific American's latest issue we are now in the process of repeating our mistakes with methamphetamine. It used to be made in people's kitchens. Now that pseudophedrine is being controlled, the organized groups are taking over and the marketing is getting stronger -- and more violent. Pretty soon the profits will be used to corrupt our officials and undermine our borders.

The only right way to deal with drugs is to concede that they are bad and admit to ourselves that attempts to prohibit them have been counter-productive and will continue to be counter-productive. Then we can move on to more rational strategies.