Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Hot One

It's hot everywhere these days, but this is Phoenix.

A couple of weeks ago our air conditioner failed. We live in an old house with an old air handler, and this happens from time to time. That's why we keep paying the home warranty people to take care of things. One of these days we'll re-model and make everything efficient, but not just yet.

The heat really isn't that bad. Yes, it's hot, and we're having extreme heat warnings, but you just drink lots of water and keep the fans aimed at you on high. This time, though, we spent the better part of a day out of power due to a pole fire a couple of spans down from the house. No fans. That was ... interesting.

We're told the replacement blower motor wasn't available locally and had to be ordered from the manufacturer. Supposedly they'll be out Tuesday morning to install it. In the meantime, temperatures in the house reached over 102 degrees yesterday (it was officially 113 degrees at the airport, 117 here in the back yard according to my thermometer). At 7 a.m. this morning, having had fans sucking air out of the house and in through the windows all night, it's down to 92 degrees inside. Time to go close up the house now that it's about to get hotter outside than in.

I wonder if this is good practice for the not-too-distant future, what with the atmosphere and all? As my Uncle Jack used to say, you can get used to anything, but would you want to?

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jj mollo said...

The temperature in PA has also been bad. High nineties for the last 3 days with high humididty. Today was 99 outside. I don't have air conditioning, but I do have an old stone house that resists the heat. We open the windows at night, close them in the day except for the top floor which gets pretty hot. My dining room was 81 F today at it's highest, which is livable.

Remember, Global Warming is really Climate Change. It is not necessarily going to be hotter where you live. It may actually be a boon for the desert. More rain? Cloud cover might keep the temps down.