Friday, July 28, 2006


Energy and global climate are among the most important topics anyone can think about.

Energy and climate are central to discussions of everything from war and peace, sustainability vs. collapse, feast or famine, sickness or health, and just about anything else you can think of that is at all important.

There is no lack of intelligent, insightful commentary out there, but two threads on EnergyPulse recently caught my eye. As is frequently the case on EnergyPulse, discussion following the articles is as valuable as the articles themselves.

Rebutting the naysayers on climate change, by Tam Hunt, was published a couple of weeks ago but continues to generate discussion ranging wider than the article's title.

The maturation of Matt Simmons, energy industry investment banker and peak-oil guru is by Jan Lundberg, one of the heavier peak-oilers. One of his points is that this energy banker, Matt Simmons, is pointing out the inefficiency of importing blueberries to to Maine from Chile even during blueberry season. Lundberg's piece needs a bit of editing, and I would have urged him not to imply that uranium supply is a problem for the nuclear industry (it has problems but uranium supply isn't one of them, necessarily), but it and the discussion following are well worth a read.

One of the commenters to Lundberg's piece acknowledges an earlier comment about technological change but notes that between now and then a great deal will happen that doesn't lend itself to elaboration on a wonderful morning. I think I completely understand the man's comment about ruining a wonderful morning. It's very dark stuff.

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