Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Only 85 years of Uranium Supplies?

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY BLOG: Only 85 years of Uranium Supplies?

James in London publishes one of the blogs I regularly visit and whose RSS feed I subscribe to. He's got a good blog and puts out good information. I clicked on one of his Google adds because the company it linked to is preparing to market roof-top heliostats, which are a particular interest of mine. I built a small heliostat back in 1978, and then again in college about eight years later. It worked, too. I think heliostats make a great deal of sense and I wish them all the success in the world.

In the post I link here, James reports on the position of some anti-nuclear people, the New Economics Foundation. I think the position of the NEF is unwise, so I tried to make a case to that effect. I only regret that there were a couple of things I didn't say (possibly due to haste in the service of domestic tranquility).

What I should have included was that my support of nuclear energy in no way is meant to denigrate any clean energy source. I support anything that makes sense on the energetic front (I worry that some popular renewable schemes don't provide substantial positive net energy, but that's the subject of a prior post).

I might have included that a joule of nuclear energy might displace one from coal, and I might have mentioned support of conservation. I can always think of ways I might have said things more better, eh? Oh, well, maybe some of James' other readers will make those points for me.

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