Thursday, June 02, 2005

Milton Friedman: Legalize It! -

"'I've long been in favor of legalizing all drugs,' he says, but not because of the standard libertarian arguments for unrestricted personal freedom. 'Look at the factual consequences: The harm done and the corruption created by these laws...the costs are one of the lesser evils.'

Not that a man of his years expects reason to triumph. Any added revenues from taxing legal marijuana would almost certainly be more than spent, by this or any other Congress.

'Deficits are the only thing that keeps this Congress from spending more' says Friedman. 'Republicans are no different from Democrats. Spending is the easiest way to buy votes.' A sober assessment indeed."

The whole piece can be read at the link above. It's cached here, too. Hat tip to Pete Guither.

Drug prohibition is so damned stupid.

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