Saturday, July 02, 2011


My first exposure to WikiLeaks was when they outed Barclays Bank's tax avoidance schemes. I thought the outing of Barclays was well in order, and it prompted me to send WikiLeaks a small contribution (probably via PayPal).

WikiLeaks is like almost any other organization I've ever supported. NRA, ACLU, whatever. I can't dictate their agenda, but if, on balance, I like their general stance, then I might support them from time to time.

It annoyed me to no end when PayPal froze WikiLeak's account and cut them off. Who is PayPal to tell me where I can send my money? Who is MasterCard, or Visa, to make such decisions for me? How long before they cut off organizations working for change on the basis that what they advocate is illegal (drug policy, assisted suicide, ...). As far as I'm concerned, that's unacceptable. Where will it end? One of these days I might not be able to send money to Planned Parenthood on the basis that it's illegal to kill babies. Screw that.

Maybe there's a real need for something like BitCoin. Despite the down-sides.

I think I'd like to see WikiLeaks continue and BitCoin succeed.

Here's WikiLeaks' parody ad: Priceless. Good stuff!

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