Saturday, July 23, 2011

Highlighted Irritants

Somehow I wound up on their emailing list, so yesterday I received this invitation from the Arizona Republican Party. Highlighting a few of the things I found most irritating about it, I reproduce it here in case you didn't get it. If you really care, though, you'll have to click the image to see it its full glory.

Since I know the Republicans care deeply about my opinions, I feel I owe them a little constructive criticism in the way of an explanation behind my irritation at various parts of their mailing. Here we go, starting at the top.

At the upper left, I highlighted part of the Arizona Republican Party logo. The irritant here is "Republican Party". As is the case with lawyers, I've known lots of good people who happen to be Republicans. Enough said.

Moving down... Steven Seagal??? Please. OK, so he's made a couple of movies I thought were passable, others not so much. I don't know how much of that stuff about sexual exploitation and lies (google it) actually sticks to Seagal, but even if he is actually a saint, his inclusion here is for the purpose of drawing a crowd I'm happy not to be a part of.

"Restoration of The Republic"
Ok, I'll let that one slide. It's empty.

"We the People"
We WHAT people?

Joe the Plumber isn't a plumber, and had it not been for heavy Republican manipulation of a media accident involving his uninformed questioning of candidate Obama, he might have actually bought the small plumbing business he was supposedly attempting to buy, and then gone on down the drain in the economic collapse without ever wondering whether starvation of the beast had been a good idea after all.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is the guy who wanted to ring Maricopa County in roadblocks as a tactic in the War on Some Drugs. I tend to like his tent cities, chain gangs and baloney sandwiches, but I don't like ... never mind.

Benefactor Levels. I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would think of this? God bless America.

I have to stop this. Otherwise, I may not survive the next 14 months.

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