Friday, August 29, 2008

mccain palin - Google Search

mccain palin - Google Search

I don't quite know what to make of McCain's choice for VP. Does it mean that:
  • McCain wants to lose the election? Dark Wraith would have McCain win for the same reason McCain might want to loose.
  • Rove has no influence with McCain? That would be a small plus.
  • McCain knows he's going to lose, and simply wants to score points with religious authoritarians?
  • McCain feels immortal?
  • McCain thinks he can win with the votes of religious authoritarians with some disaffected Hillary supporters?
This makes no sense to me, and further reduces the odds that I'd vote for a Republican ticket (which is not saying much).

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jj mollo said...

LOL. DW has a sharper tongue than Sara Palin. But a much grimmer prognosis.