Saturday, August 09, 2008

AFP: Georgia declares 'state of war' as Russian bombs fall

AFP: Georgia declares 'state of war' as Russian bombs fall:

"Obviously, the resources are not equal."
You're kidding!

If this isn't the stupidest goddamn thing...


jj mollo said...

Georgia may have some tricks up its sleeve. It also has a strategically better position than Grozni. They might be able to hold out for some time.

Personally, I think we should help them -- all options on the table. I can't believe we let Putin re-establish the Soviet Union. Maybe a humiliating defeat would dent his inexplicable popularity.

Steve said...

I tend to think we should not help the Georgians. Precipitating armed conflict should fail.

Yeah, I know: Who precipitated it?

In my opinion, after a decade of effective autonomy, and after decades of semi-autonomy during the USSR's reign, the status quo should have been preserved. Collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in the creation of a number of new nations. Why not South Ossetia? The majority in the region were a minority in Georgia, and the two ethnic groups in the region had co-existed peacefully, with high rates of intermarriage, for centuries.

It was nationalism in politics that brought about the shooting. Yet again.

In my ignorant fantasies, an enlightened leadership and populace would have allowed South Ossetia the self-determination they apparently wanted, while cultivating a win-win relationship for the future. Maybe that should be the precondition for admitting Georgia into NATO, with emphasis on cultivation of win-win strategies.

But what do I know? As you said, Why is Robert Mugabe still alive?