Friday, April 25, 2008

H.B. 5843

Prompted by the Drug Policy Alliance, to whom I send some money from time to time, I sent the following to Arizona Representative Harry Mitchell, my Congressman. I would have been pleased to congratulate him had I seen his name in the list of co-sponsor (yes, singular), but since I didn't see it, this will have to do:
Dear Congressman Mitchell:

I am writing to ask that you fully support your colleagues, Representatives Barney Frank and Ron Paul, and their "Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults", H.R. 5843.

Our national drug policy is a complete disgrace, accomplishing nothing but to enrich criminals, corrupt and distract law enforcement, undermine civil liberties and promote disrespect for the law.

Ours is supposed to be the land of the free, but each passing day reduces the truth of that ideal. One of our most important institutions, the Supreme Court, became an object of well-deserved contempt a couple of years ago because of the way they ruled in Raich, a case that need never have come before them except for our stupid approach to marijuana (and drugs in general).

Please provide your full backing and support to Messrs. Paul and Frank in promoting H.R. 5843. Thank you.


Steve Sturgill
For what little it's worth...

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