Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another donation for Obama

I've been sending some money to the Obama campaign, and soon I'll be sporting a new Obama t-shirt and putting a couple of Obama signs up in front of my house.

But why? While Obama stands for change, I don't think it really matters. I'm an atheist while he's apparently a man of strong faith. I'm essentially hopeless while hope is central to Obama's theme. Why would I send him any money?

I remember the speech Obama gave at the last Democratic convention. What a contrast to Zell Miller's at the Republican convention that year. I remember both speeches, Obama's because it was very good, and Miller's because his spew left me clamping my nose in a deathgrip.

It's not that Obama's speech made me a fan (I didn't become one), and it wasn't because Obama is a Democrat (I'm not one). It's not because I agree with everything he says (I most certainly don't). So, why have I been sending Obama my money?

I guess it's because of little things here and there that I send some cash Obama's way. Lately, it's partly a reaction to swift-boaters and their use of the cleric Wright (I absolutely detest swift-boating or anything that smells like it). Part of my motivation is due to Obama's theme of changing the way politics is carried out. Part of it is his message of hope (I hope I'm wrong about the hopelessness of the situation we're in). Part of it is to encourage Obama's willingness to lay out unpalatable truths, such as in his race speech. I hope that, as President, he will do a lot more of that regarding so many other areas of urgency.

I think Obama represents the only hope for effective leadership at the moment.

The biggest reason I sent some more money today, though, is that Obama didn't go along with McCain and Clinton on the utterly contemptible idea of eliminating the federal gasoline tax for the summer driving season. What an empty and stupid proposal! Removing the federal tax on gasoline is exactly the wrong thing to do if you give a damn about the future. This is really annoying. McCain and Clinton can go screw themselves.

I might have to move the hands on my personal doomsday clock back a few seconds if Obama becomes the next President, but if McCain or Clinton get the job I'll just have to throw the damned thing away.

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