Friday, June 22, 2007

Speaking of Unity08

I've been paying some attention to Unity08 since shortly after they started up. At times, reading other opinions here and there about how Unity08 would only serve as a spoiler, throwing the election to one or the other major party, I've wondered whether there might be more than meets the eye, as they say.

Eventually, I decided to decide that Unity08 is what it seems to be. Since I agree with what they say about dysfunction, paralysis and partisanship, and since the major party candidates mostly turn me off, I signed up with Unity08 and sent them some money. The Unity08 banner at the top of this page might stand out, too.

I hope Unity08 creates a tremendous splash this election season. With any luck, the waves from that splash will wind up completely marginalizing the extremes. I don't know exactly what I expect out of this, but I'm completely confident that it's better than what can be expected of the usual two-party tango.

Time will tell...


Will Fogel said...


This is Will Fogel, and I'm on the Founder's Council of Unity08. Thanks so much for blogging about us. I wondered if you and your readers might be interested in joining the Unity08 Trailblazers. In order for Unity08 to make an impact, we need you to talk to people you know about us.

Unity08 has created the Trailblazer program to help active members start a delegate drive, organize a local chapter, create a draft movement for an unannounced candidate, or simply reconnect with old friends to talk politics.

As a Trailblazer, you make two promises: To find eight new Unity08 Delegates over the next two weeks from friends, family, and associates. And, ask two of them to be fellow Trailblazers. We’ll give you all the tools you need: a website to track your team, conversation talking points, handouts, customized emails, website badges, and printable sign-up sheets.

You can check it out at Take a look and tell me what you think.

Thanks for everything you're writing and doing,

Will Fogel
Unity08 Founder's Council

jj mollo said...

Center parties would be fine if they had a plan for preemptive concession. If they are winning it's wonderful, eliminating the input of extremists of both stripes. The normal distribution of the electorate, however, is arranged such that whichever of the traditional candidates is most pleasing to the Unity08 party members is precisely the one who will be damaged by their abandonment, and the dynamics of the campaign against Unity08 will force the traditional candidates further toward their respective extreme base positions. They have less hope of capturing the center and need to energize their natural supporters.

Which is all well and good if the center party throws its support toward the candidate they prefer before the election takes place.