Sunday, June 04, 2006


Last night I watched a Gordon Lightfoot DVD. I've seen Gordon Lightfoot in concert at least half a dozen times over the past 35 years or so, and I love a lot of his music.

Yesterday I made a post about a young group of rockers called Damone, about how much I was enjoying their work. Whereas I implied that I favor speedy rock music over all other, I really don't. I listen to rock more than other kinds of music, but I like a little of almost anything, and I love some non-rock music. If I could only save one piece of music from my burning house it just might be my old Telefunken Das Alte Werk LP recording of Concentus musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducting, Rotraud Mansmann (Soprano), Kurt Equiluz (Tenor) and Max von Egmond (Bass). I have heard other renditions of the Peasant and Coffee Cantatas, but the old LP I picked up at Kaufhalle in Pirmasens back in 1977 just takes my breath away. I really should rip it to the computer one of these days.

(I lifted the past few lines from a post I made back in February. I've been putting off ripping it to the computer since before then. I guess I'll procrastinate soon.)

Joan Baez, Marty Robbins, Inti Ilimani, Melanie Safka, Simon and Garfunkel, Cyndi Lauper, Emmylou Harris, Sandy Denny, Merle Haggard, Roger Whitaker, Sons of the Pioneers... Each of them has moved me. I don't necessarily like everything they've done, but they are all among my favorites.

Kind of dates me, I guess. Oh, well...

OK, no more posts about music. I'll only slight more great artists by not mentioning them.


jj mollo said...

I think Graceland is my favorite piece of music. I don't know what genre to call it. I didn't realize there was a way to copy LPs. I have some really old ones from my mother-in-law's collection, Duke Ellington sort of stuff. Some of it is still playable.

jj mollo said...

I like Lightfoot, but haven't heard him in years. Edmund Fitzgerald I've heard a zillion times in the past, but never stopped enjoying it. He has played in a theater near me several times but I never managed to catch it. My wife likes him a lot. I think we may have some LPs of his.