Friday, June 30, 2006

Blind or Deliberate?

What's the difference between advocacy and admonition or warning? Some people seem blind to the distinction. Others seem to cultivate that blindness.

People are still defaming Pianka. Some, I believe, do it knowing full well what they are doing but justifying the means with their end. Others are just, well, they do it for other reasons. I'm not sure whether this piece if from the deliberate or the other camp.

Allow widespread disease to eradicate at least 90 percent of the earth's population, ASAP! AIDS, [Pianka] believes, is too slow. His disease of choice is the Ebola virus which kills in days. And luckily, Ebola is airborne-transmittable! Never mind the horrific deaths of those who succumb as their internal organs liquefy inside them. Pianka also says bird flu is "good" for the job. And, yes, he's willing to sacrifice himself.
And some of the "smartest smart" ones want to kill off 90 percent of their own species.

Want to. Right. Oh well...


jj mollo said...

The message is that there are people out there that don't agree with us. They are insane, very dangerous people, so please, please, send us money so we can protect you, so we can fight against these evil people.

jj mollo said...

Reading it more closely, I think that this person is actually a genuine thinker. I think her facts are wrong, but it might be because of what she has been reading rather than inate aversion to the results of Science or antipathy to honest argument. Someone she relies on has told her that Eric Pianka hopes for a population collapse. Maybe she is young and will be less gullible in a few years.