Saturday, September 10, 2011


The news update on Bitcoin that Google so graciously serves up to me every day brings with it some interesting stuff from time to time. Subverse!

Today it was The Natives are REALLY Pissed!!!

I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Subverse!

This comes on the heels of some right-wing horseshit that hit my spam box yesterday. It claimed that radical leftistas in the USA were planning something like the rioting that occurred recently in London and elsewhere over there. They wanted me to sign a petition and send in some money and call my congressperson and so on. Red white and blue. Sarah, Rick, Michele, God, Jesus and Our Tea Party Way Of Life.


Well, I didn't have much sympathy for the British rioters. It's actually more like, fuck 'em. Same for masked anarchist window breakers at economic summits. I'm not temperamentally disposed to such things. Fuck 'em!As I get older, though, it seems my disdain for such things is diminishing.

Less "fuck 'em", more "Hmmm..."


I can't quarrel too much with the following quote presumably from anonymous (whoever that is):

Many of us are scared and angry. We see that your money systems are imploding, and that your governments are growing more corrupt and oppressive every day.
Your political systems offer us nothing but false dichotomies. Every month, we see new half-cocked legislation targeting our lulz. When our brothers simply vandalize a website, you try to put them in cages for decades, crying“cybercrime” and “domestic terrorism.”
This is confusing, because we are in the right. You’re punishing us for simply voicing our displeasure, for saying that we aren’t satisfied with the status quo.
We see your control slipping. In 2009 Uncle Sam spent a third of ‘our tax dollars’ paying down the INTEREST on his credit card bill [1]. Most of those dollars go to the banks who own the Fed.
And for the cost of a couple wars, you could have converted all our cars to sustainable alcohol fuel and built another space station to boot.
But you don’t want that. You can’t exist without the archaic institutions that you have built, like the oil and war industries, the prison-industrial complex, America’s state education system, and centrally controlled money systems. If you allowed free markets to exist, you would be bankrupted by competition. You are parasites on the backs of the human race.
Tools like Bitcoin, gpg and darknets allow us to escape your control systems. We’re going to trade, work, and live without playing your silly games and you can’t do a thing about it.
Know that you can’t silence us and you can’t scare us. We’re not going to fight you, because you have guns with psychopaths behind them. Instead, we are subverting you.
We’re building our own systems to replace yours.
They’re better systems, with blackjack and hookers. And every time someone chooses our systems over yours, your power wanes another tick. We won’t stop until you’ve become the Powers that Were.
Hmmm... I'm way past these guys. They still have hope. I think the modern tools they are so expert with may have distorted their forward vision. Do they really think that they can build a system to replace the the one they are so pissed off at? Do they really think that Bitcoin, gpg and other such brilliant stuff, coming from genius though it does, are silver bullets? Do they think this stuff will still be available after the shit has hit the fan?

Well, I was young once, too. Then I started to get old, then I became resigned, and then, as the old song goes, "I'm younger than that now."

Subverse! Nice meme. I'd have Flattr'd you if I'd found the button. Instead, check this out about the London thing and Fight Club. You might like it.

OK, I'm done. Peace.

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