Sunday, October 12, 2008

Republicans Ashamed of Their Republicanism?

I thought it was funny when, yesterday morning, two guys that looked vaguely familiar came to my door, introduced themselves as running for state office and gave me a campaign flier.

The thing that immediately jumped out at me was the lack of any indication of party affiliation. Nothing. Just their names and a couple of paragraphs ending with the URLs of their respective web sites. Between the few words one could discern Republicanism, but the total lack of any overt party declaration was interesting.

So I went to the computer to check out their respective web sites.

The first one was just an Apache HTTP server test page which is still there this morning.

The second guy's web site also didn't declare any affiliation to the Republican party. It wasn't until I looked at the endorsement from the local newspaper that Republican party affiliation became clear.

It so happens that Tivo had recorded a joint campaign commercial for these two gentlemen. I just watched it again carefully. Twice. Not a peep about the Republican party.

So I looked at the state ballot. It lists them both as Republicans.

So, the Republican party is such an embarrassment that their own candidates don't advertise their membership? I don't know how widespread this is, but it sure stuck out to me.

I'd have to give some credit to one of these guys. That he was effectively removed from office by the fundies must speak well of him in some respect. From what I've seen, I could even vote for him, except that I will vote a straight Democratic ticket this time around because the Republican party deserves to die.

Once again, I'm voting against, not for.


mckayvo said...

Gee, I wonder why somebody would be reluctant to state their party affiliation when idiots all over the web and TV are spouting retarded blanket statements like, "the Republican party deserves to die."

There are plenty of good and bad in both parties and anyone who votes straight ticket - disregarding qualification, character and plan - is a sheep of the lowest order.

These parties aren't different, just mirror images.

Steve said...

Ordinarily I'd agree with you about straight ticket voting. Single issue voting, too.

Things are different this time, though, and I'm hostile to the party itself.

As you pointed out, there are good people in the Republican party. Maybe they can salvage something good from the bones of their party. Maybe they can pull a Sharon.

Qualification, character and plan. I don't see those characteristics in the Republican party. Sorry to disagree with you.

mckayvo said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever experienced such an agreeable disagreement on the topic of politics.
Single issue voting drives me nuts too...however, I'll probably be dangerously close to that in November.

McCain says he won't raise my taxes, Obama will. My household just barely crosses B.O.'s threshold of "rich!" and, as a sole proprietor, I just can't afford to pay upwards of 46-47% fed tax... I already pay 40%. Besides the fact that raising taxes in a down-turn is Carter-nomics. There are other reasons to be skeptical of Obama - but the fact that he wants to take $15,000 a year out of my pocket is good enough for me. It will actually be financially beneficial for me to make a little less money...that is completely insane.

But, seriously, you can't tell me that McCain isn't qualified. And you certainly can't question his character...he has too much character to run a "normal" campaign. Plan...I'll give you plan.

Steve said...

Well, one of the big problems in this country is the degree of disagreeableness. Seemingly, it pays to be disagreeable, both in money and political tactics. That's too bad.

I'm not judging Mr. McCain's personal character. I don't know him, and I don't think I'm reliably enough informed about him. Too much noise. Given the line of work he's in, I can even cut him some slack for saying things he has to say, if you get my drift. I won't be voting for him, though, or for anyone else in his party, because I don't perceive much in the way of collective character.

Qualification? Doesn't much matter because his running mate is not qualified, and there's about a 25% chance that Palin would become President during McCain's first term. I do NOT want Palin to be President under any circumstances. McCain blew that choice. As for the party, if the past eight years are any indication, the Republicans aren't qualified to govern.

Plan? I guess we agree on that. I would only add that I don't think either one's "plan" will survive their first month in office.