Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Seven Hundred Billion Dollars

The Dark Wraith Forums / Cadre:
"... Okay, where is Congress going to get that $700 billion?"
Dark Wraith Forums has become a regular stop on my rounds. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but this post reflects part of the reason in the quality of the author's writing.

When I first stumbled upon Dark Wraith Forums, I was distracted by little things like "Dark Wraith has spoken" and a couple of thematically related elements of the presentation. Very quickly, though, I came to interpret those simply as playful edges on a serious man's presentation. Gilding on a sword, engraving on a pistol.

The author, whoever he is, Dark Wraith, seems likely to be exactly what he claims to be, a long time, award winning teacher. His writing reflects talent and care. It's a pleasure to read.

Maybe the reason I like Dark Wraith Forums has to do with confirmation bias. There are plenty of other, well-known economists out there to whom I might have continued paying attention but did not. I still read Krugman, and when I see an article by Fred Banks I read it, but I generally regard economists as just another priesthood.

I wonder if Dark Wraith was one of the 500 economists polled for Scott Adams?

Naaa... Probably not.

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