Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bush's Drill Bit -

Bush's Drill Bit -
Even some of Washington's fiercest opponents of oil drilling are thinking anew, and the politics of domestic energy production seem to be shifting. This isn't surprising with gas prices as a top-tier campaign issue. More confounding was President Bush's timidity yesterday as he tried to prod Congress into movement.
Could it be that Mr. Bush's "timidity" results from his knowing that, for reasons larger than understanding the oil business, the gasoline price issue is bogus?

Areas presently excluded from oil exploration and production should remain excluded for at least these reasons:

1) Rushing in to previously excluded or protected areas will do nothing to lower fuel prices.

2) Lowering fuel prices is not what you encourage if you are interested in development and penetration of alternatives to oil energy.

3) Humans have to stop burning stuff. Humans have to stop adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere - have to stop making the problem worse.

Mr. McCain is correct about the need to build nuclear power plants, but his stances on a gas tax holiday and relaxing oil drilling restrictions are wrong-headed.

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