Sunday, September 09, 2007

.50 caliber assholes!

Tribal fishermen held after whale killed with machine gun -

"We allow native hunts for cultural purposes. However, this does not appear to be of that nature so far," he said.

What do you mean, "so far"? .50 caliber culture?


jj mollo said...

This reminds me of the jerks in my state who go "hunting" in a pickup truck with a spotlight. Deer, who like to graze by the the side of the road in the evening, are immobilized when a bright light is shone in their eyes. It makes for a very easy shot.

I imagine that these guys are drinking beer and eating popcorn while they cruise the back roads.

Steve said...

And then there's bear baiting, a legal activity here in Arizona. At least, it was when I first ran into a prideful bear-baiter.