Thursday, August 23, 2007

No! No and NO!

TNR Online | False Dawn (print)

The right sends troops. The left sends troops.




jj mollo said...

I have to admit, I side with the Left on this. I would send troops. Actually I'd send war choppers to kill the janjaweed and bomb every damn aspirin plant in Sudan until they stop. You're against intervention? Or just against ground forces?

Steve said...

I'm against ineffectual intervention, which is all we are capable of mustering in this country.

I also think that, because we have an all volunteer military and no appetite for a draft, we have to cultivate our professional military in such a way that it maintains unquestionable readiness to fight and win real wars quickly if need be.

Instead, ineffectual intervention here and there rules the day, destroying that aim. We've frittered away the military. West Point graduates are leaving the Army following their required service at a record rate, while in the lower enlisted ranks we recruit more and more "moral waivers" to meet recruitment goals. Recruits are actually finding themselves in combat zones within three months of enlistment these days.

In the meantime, our infrastructure rots. We squander global goodwill as we deepen domestic divisions. We saddle coming generations with today's stupidity and continue to think that growth will provide. And that God is on our side.

Yes, I guess I am against intervention. Lifeboat ethics apply.

My two cents anyway.