Monday, March 26, 2007

Then and Now


I wonder where Tony Auth was about four years ago when this version of his cartoon should have been published?


jj mollo said...

Seems to me his cartoons are well drawn and dramatic, but ridiculously ideological and one-sided. He really thinks that al Qaeda is still benefitting from the horrors they support in Iraq.

Doonesbury looks a lot better on the ideology profile. We all know Gary Trudeau is strongly anti-war and anti-Bush, but he can sing more than one note. He's been able to broaden his view of things to a variety of aspects. He talks about a soldier's experience and sacrifice without making the soldier into a monster. He even knows how to be funny. Imagine that.

Steve said...

I completely agree about Doonsbury.

As for al Qaida benefitting from the US presence in Iraq, I agree with Scheuer's position about Islamists bleeding the major power while using it to raise recruits.

But what do I know?