Thursday, November 16, 2006

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

I wonder if anything can be done about loud motorcycles? What is it that compels some people with big Harleys and custom bikes to be so loud? The claim that it's for safety is pure hogwash, so what is it, really?

All I know is that having the peace and quiet shattered for a mile around by some selfish bastard riding a deliberately thunderous motorcycle is enough to raise murderous thoughts in me.

There's entirely too much ambient noise in most public places. Deliberately adding to the din, clearly the intent of many bikers, is especially galling.


jj mollo said...

I have a Civic Hybrid. It's entirely too quiet. I wonder if you have any suggestions for getting some more noise out of it without affecting my efficiency? I was looking at a truck horn in PepBoys, but I'm not sure the engine could run it.

Steve said...

I really liked the Civic Hybrid, but we wound up buying a CRV instead. I regretted that decision almost immediately. The damned thing transmits entirely (get it?) too much road noise into the passenger compartment.