Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gov. Acts on Last of New Bills - Los Angeles Times

Gov. Acts on Last of New Bills - Los Angeles Times:
Acting on the last of 1,172 bills sent to him this year by the Democratic-led Legislature, Schwarzenegger...
Wow! Maybe they should have a law that says something like "No more than 100 bills, and each one about only one thing."

I'm sure they don't really need a law prohibiting teens from riding in the trunks of cars. Surely there's already a law covering that sort of thing.

I'm happy to see that gay and lesbian couples can file joint returns now, but disappointed that the Governor vetoed the hemp measure. Who cares about the Feds? Where's the States Rights attitude when you need it?

Oh, well, I'm from Arizona anyway.

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jj mollo said...

You can hide a lot of garbage in such a big bag. PA legislators used a similar opportunity to give themselves a pay raise last year. Fortunately, it backfired on them. My advice to CA residents is to inspect these measures closely.