Sunday, February 19, 2006

Good Conservative

The young lady modeling the conservative T-shirt looks rather unhappy about it, doesn't she? "Jeez, hurry up and take the picture so I can get out of here!"

On the other hand, maybe she's just a social conservative, pissed off about the article to the right of her picture in Human Events, The Right to Dissent on the Right, in which Chuck Muth, President of Citizen Outreach, a public policy non-profit advocacy outfit, essentially tells a social conservative to go piss up a rope over his expectation that everyone on the right march to HIS goose-step.

Good for you Chuck Muth. I don't know whether I agree with you on other matters, but I keep wishing that you capitalized "TRUE, SMALL-GOVERNMENT CONSERVATIVES" would do something about the annoying moralizers among you. Maybe your comments about the CPAC agenda are a good start.
Back in the "old days" before political parties took root in our system of government, delegates to Congress pretty much sat wherever they wanted. When an issue came to the floor, those who wished to speak to it divided in the room; those against lined up on one side, those for on the other. It was the issue which mattered, not political or philosophical loyalties.
That's what some leader ought to shoot for, placing the country's priorities ahead of the parties'.

But Mr. Muth, why the disclaimer at the bottom of your piece?

ps: I think it's cool that Human Events has the Muhammad Cartoon Gallery, but I think they ought to pick up Jesus and Mo, too.

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jj mollo said...

She may not be human. Check out the eyes. Definitely feline. The text on the shirt looks very flat as well. May be photoshopped.

I noticed the other t-shirt add. More human looking, but the message is strange. How do you keep hippies from smelling? Cut off their noses.

I like the J&M cartoons. Coupla nice fellows. No one should be offended by them, should they?