Monday, January 16, 2006


This post is part of a little familiarization test. Nothing much to read here, actually, but thanks for stopping by.

Updated (below)

Technorati is, according to Wikipedia, an internet search engine dedicated to blogs.

Part of the idea is that when I make a post, I "ping" Technorati, and then they respond by adding the new post to their index. If one wants, Technorati has functions to add add links to one's blog to make it easier for readers to navigate and search.

Well, as is typical of me, I'm having trouble making it work. I don't know if it's just because I'm older and my brain isn't adequately wired for this ever changing world, or whether I'm just dense, or whether Tainter's complexity is taking its toll. In any event, it hasn't seemed to work.

I was supposed to put a string of text invoking a Technorati script into my blog's template. The script would cause the Technorati stuff to appear. The instructions were not any more explicit than that. So I just pasted the string into a few different places in my template. Nothing seemed to happen, so I finally just left it where there was some effect (the sidespace is now white instead of black).

The idea behind just leaving it there even if it's not working is that maybe things take effect with the first post after adding the Technorati stuff. Well, here we go. I'll post this, then go ping Technorati. There's another script I can use that will automatically ping Technorati when I make a post, but one thing at a time is about my speed.


Seems I did not need to "ping" Technorati after publishing this post. Apparently, Blogger automatically pings them. But I still don't see the stuff that's supposed to appear as a function of the script inserted into my blog's template. Just the white sidespace. Hmmm...

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