Saturday, December 24, 2005

Impotent disgust

Whenever I see a Hummer I envision it on fire.

When I read that Norway has increased its whaling kill quota or that Japanese whalers are on research expeditions, I visualize the whalers sinking into the cold waters and the bastards who promulgate these policies choking to death on whale meat.

Within a few minutes, though, I'm back to my normally resigned self.

After all, deforestation and loss of biodiversity, fleet fishing and 90 percent of large fish already gone from the oceans, nature preserve drilling in the face of oil depletion and Hummers, melting permafrost already releasing greenhouse methane to the atmosphere, receding Greenland glaciers freshening the ocean and threatening the thermohaline circulation, decreasing sea ice and drowning polar bears, increasing global haze, and so on and on and on, tend to overwhelm.

Impotent disgust succumbs once again to sad resignation. Merry Christmas.

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