Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Secretary of The Future

KURT VONNEGUT: Look, I'll tell you. It's one thing that no cabinet had ever had, is a Secretary Of The Future. And there are no plans at all for my grandchildren and my great grandchildren.

DAVID BRANCACCIO: That's a great idea. In other words a Cabinet post--

KURT VONNEGUT: Well, it's too late! Look, the game is over! The game is over.

Secretary of The Future. That is a great idea. I hate to admit, though, that I agree with Vonnegut. It's too late.

Even if there had been a Secretary of The Future it would have been futile. The Secretary would have had to go up against too many unmovables. Such a Cabinet Secretary would have had to disabuse us of the idea of perpetual, or even steady, growth. That immediately implies conflict with religion and politicians always wanting to grow us out of economic challenges. The hopelessness of it all becomes quickly apparent.

Great idea, Secretary of The Future. Kind of like Secretary of Peace. Nice fantasy.

A Man Without a Country - Kurt Vonnegut

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