Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Phishing twist relies on bogus blogs | CNET

Phishing twist relies on bogus blogs | CNET "Malicious virus writers are attempting to lure people to malicious blogs using enticing e-mails and instant messages, according to a new report from Websense. Once a person arrives at the blog, which can be posted on a legitimate host site, the victim's computer becomes infected with software designed to steal sensitive information, such as passwords and bank account information."

If attuned to social engineering and paranoid by natue, one probably doesn't use the most popular browser anyway, but recent sadistics indicate that most people still don't even know what phishing is. They think that a link is a link, and so they remain highly susceptible to this sort of thing.

People will probably always be this way because most of them have better things to do than to entertain security issues all the time.

The only solution to this sort of thing is the elimination of online anonymity.

Online anonymity can't really be counted on by the ones who actually need it, but it's good enough for the sort of scumbag who goes phishing.

Online anonymity has nothing to do with online privacy, and it should be done away with.

Maybe in another decade...

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